Before Smile Makeover After Smile Makeover
  • no drilling of the natural teeth
  • only 4 visits
  • protects her natural teeth
  • anaesthetic often not required

At the first visit we took the necessary photos and impressions for study models which we then used to mock up the way that the teeth were going to look by adding wax to simulate the lost tooth structure. This meant that at the second visit we were able to try the proposed changes in her mouth in just 15 minutes to see if we liked them and make any necessary changes. Once we were happy we got our technicians to copy the shape of these new teeth in a hard wearing material that we were then able to bond to her own teeth in one visit. The fourth and final visit was a review appointment to ensure that everything was working the way that we wanted.

Teeth Model of Patient

If the lady ever decides that she wants to further improve the appearance of her front teeth it is very straightforward to place 6 veneers on her front teeth.