Case Studies

Smile Makeover Case Study

Dental Solutions were able to fix this lady’s worn front teeth and improve her smile in just 4 visits with no damage to her own natural teeth.

Brothers Broken tooth Case Study

This was my brother Seamus Gillan, he got hit at football training and came in to me with a broken front tooth.

White Fillings Case Study

This is a simple case showing what can be achieved when old silver fillings needing replaced are changed for white ones.

Repairing Worn Teeth Case Study

Chris came to us to see if we could help him to improve the appearance of his teeth for his upcoming wedding, he had suffered previously from toothwear due to a high intake of fizzy drinks.

Complete Smile Makeover Case Study

This lovely lady came to us asking if we could improve the appearance of her upper teeth and get rid of the spaces between her lower teeth.

Implant Failure Case Study

This is an unfortunate case where a 25 year old lady was referred in following the failure of 2 previously placed implants and some poor crown and bridge work by her previous dentist.

Cosmetic Makeover Case Study

This lady came in looking to see if we could improve the appearance of her teeth before her daughters wedding.

White Filling Case Study

Mrs X attended after her own dentist told her that her teeth were wearing away and that she would need to be referred.

Denture case study

This lovely lady came in saying that she had a denture that she could not wear and asked if we could help her.

Full Mouth Makeover Case Study

Margaret came to us suffering from sore teeth, a poor denture that she could not wear, and was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth despite having attending her previous dentist every 6 months.

Fixing failing back teeth

This lovely lady came in with back teeth that were failing, she had received numerous large metal fillings in the past and now wanted to improve her teeth in such a way that would protect them for the long term as well as looking good.

Repairing Severely Worn Teeth

This 74 year old gentleman was referred in by his dentist to see if we could treat his tooth wear.

Repairing Advanced Acid Erosion and Missing Tooth

This lovely lady came in to have her front tooth replaced but did not realise that her top teeth were being dissolved away by drinking too many fruit smoothies.

Precision dentures and new crowns

"The best thing I ever did."

Broken front tooth

Fixing a front tooth can be one of the most challenging tasks that a Dentist will have to deal with

Implant Rehabilitation

Mr B came in to us with a loose upper denture that was driving him mad and despite attending his own dentist every 6 months he was loosing teeth due to gum disease.

Smile Makeover

Replacing missing teeth with 3 implants, whitening and repairing worn teeth with white fillings

Full mouth makeover - Denture secured by implants

This lady came in with all her teeth failing due to a medical condition

Broken tooth

This young girl fell and broke her tooth on a night out, after one visit without any injections we were able to fix her tooth with a white filling