The most advanced treatments

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Smile Makeovers

It is possible to transform any smile to make it stunning. Sometimes it is as simple as placing a few artfully placed white fillings, and other times it may require a combination of straightening, whitening, and veneers to achieve the perfect result.

Natural Crowns

Crowns are often used to protect damaged teeth, it is now possible to construct crowns that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. The picture shows a lady who previously had a crown that was obvious when she smiled. Using cutting edge techniques and working with a top ceramist we were able to construct a new crown that was a perfect match to her natural teeth.

Price guide: £420–£500

Dentures that make a difference

We pride ourselves on making dentures that are unsurpassed in their comfort and lifelike appearance, we have successfully treated many people who were not happy with their previous dentures and feel that our results speak for themselves.

Price guide: £700–£1500

Teeth Straightening

As dentists we believe that there is nothing better than your own natural teeth in the the place they were meant to be. We use discreet “white” braces to give an optimal result.

Price guide: £1100–£2200

Invisible Fillings

When placing fillings we aim to make the restoration blend in perfectly using state of the art techniques and materials


Tooth whitening is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your natural teeth. Professional tooth whitening is a very safe and proven procedure. Whitening is carried out using clear custom trays fitted to the teeth (like a small gum shield) which are worn at home. This means you hold on to the trays and can "top up" in the future as you see fit.

Price guide: £200


Dental implants are a fantastic way to replace teeth that have been lost in the past or are due to be removed. Quite simply they are as close as it is possible to getting your own tooth back again. Advances in implants now mean that implants are now possible in most situations.

Price guide: £2000+


A veneer is a thin porcelain facing that can be bonded to the outside of a natural tooth. Their appearance can be superb, they can be used to mask teeth that are discoloured, misshapen, or out of line.

Price guide: £420–£500 per tooth

Root Coverage

Often teeth can look unsightly due to receding gums, it is now possible in many circumstances to reposition the gums back to their original position and improve their appearance.

Making Teeth Longer

As our teeth grow the gums are meant to move up, sometimes this normal process does not happen and the person is left with a gummy smile. It is now possible to move the gums up to the correct position and this can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the teeth.

Price guide: 1 tooth £295, 6+ teeth £850