Implant Pricing

We believe in keeping all our pricing as clear and reasonable as possible, it can often be tricky to understand how the prices are worked out so below we have put together a guide of our Implant prices along with what they involve and why they are important to getting the best possible result.

Treatment Type Price
1 hour initial Consultation £75
3D Bone scan (one jaw) £150
3D bone scan (upper and lower jaws) £200
Implant placement (per implant) £1100
Tooth on top of implant (per tooth) £700
Premium lab (additional fee per tooth) £200
Small bone graft £300
Small bone graft £300
Large bone graft £600
Sinus graft (simple) £400
Sinus graft (advanced) £1200
Lower denture and 2 implants £4500

Initial Consultation

At this visit we will perform a thorough examination, take any necessary radiographs and photos so that at the end of the visit we will be able to advise you of the ideal treatment and be able to give you some idea of what the cost would be. Should you decide to go ahead the next stage is to take a 3D bone scan

3D Bone scan

This scan is essential for planning implants as it gives exact measurements of how much bone you have and where we are able to place implants. Occasionally depending on what the scan tells us implants may not be possible or may require bone grafts

Implant Placement

This is where the implant is placed, this is normally done under local anaesthetic (the same as a filling). After the implant is placed it is typically left to heal for 3/4 months before the teeth that it is intended to support are connected. Several stitches are placed and are normally removed 2 weeks later.

Implant Placement

Tooth on top of implant

This is where the tooth/teeth that are supported by the implant are constructed and fitted. To do this impressions are taken and sent away for the lab to construct the new teeth. When the new teeth are fitted they are screwed into place.

Tooth on top of implant

Premium Lab

When replacing teeth that are seen when smiling we recommend using a world class technician as they will be able to deliver the best results possible. This is not always necessary for teeth at the back of the mouth where function is the main requirement.

Small Bone graft

After a tooth is lost the bone often shrinks, this means that to place an implant it is best to replace the missing bone. This is straightforward as the bone comes in a small packet and is placed at the same time as the implant so no extra surgery is required.

Small Bone Graft

Large Bone graft

Sometimes the bone loss following the loss of teeth is extensive and requires that the bone graft be carried out as a separate procedure, again the bone comes out of a packet.

Sinus Graft

This is a special form of bone graft used when replacing back teeth on the top jaw. Bone granules are placed into the sinus to increase the amount of bone for placing implants, it can typically be done at the same time as the implants are placed.

Sinus Graft

Lower denture and 2 implants

As lower dentures tend to move about considerably having 2 implants placed to secure the denture makes a huge difference to the comfort of the denture. Two implants are placed to the front of the jaw and a well-fitting denture is constructed that snaps on. The presence of the implants greatly increases the comfort and stability.

Lower denture and 2 implants

More advanced solutions…

here are many other options of what can be done with implants however due to the inherent complexity of these other solutions they are typically priced individually. For example a bridge to replace 3 teeth supported by 2 implants would cost approximately £4200 while having all the teeth fixed on 4 implants would cost approximately £12000

3 teeth supported by 2 implants Teeth fixed on 4 implants